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Each Yoga class is suitable for ALL LEVELS and all power and fluid power classes are taught in a heated room between 85-90 degrees. The main style of yoga that we teach is called Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. This powerful, energetic, playful flowing class has a strong emphasis on breath and allows beginners, intermediate and advanced students to be challenged in the same class. The room is heated to help cleanse the body and warm the muscles.


The Power Yoga flow will torch your calories, tone, strengthen and rinse your body, clear your mind and leave you with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. The dynamic mix of sweat and spirit that is cultivated in a Power Yoga class will challenge you to step up to your edge, and unlock your hidden potential for achieving authentic personal power and living an extraordinary life.

Be prepared to SHINE!


All of our teachers have trained directly with the founder of Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga, Baron Baptiste or with Have done our in-house teacher training. We focus on alignment, breath, intention, and self expression in each class here at RPY.


Please arrive early to class, classes start when scheduled.


This class is an alignment based vinyasa class. The pace will be slower than our power and flow classes so we can focus on alignment and posture. This class is great for anyone working with injuries, or just wanting to brush up on the foundations of our practice.
This restorative yoga practice incorporates the ancient healing
traditions of pure essential oil therapy. Relieve pain, reduce
inflammation, strengthen your immune system and experience an
optimally healthy body and mind. Through pairing gentle yoga and
meditation with aromatherapy, you will awaken your body's natural
capacity to heal itself.
Community Yoga is taught by a qualified teacher in training and follows similar format to our power classes. This is an all levels class and is only $6.
An invigorating and ever-evolving class that will expand your knowledge of yoga postures and how your body moves. This all-levels class has inventive and thoughtful sequences of sun salutations, standing and seated postures, back bending, and inversions guided by a steady breath to tone and calm the mind.
Free class lead by our teachers in training!  See what these guys are up to. Class will include live feedback.
This is a donation based class led by two teachers from Africa Yoga Project in Nairobi, Kenya, Nicole & Kevin!!! In this 90 minute special class, Nicole & Kevin will lead an inspiring asana practice while telling their stories, how they got involved with Africa Yoga Project, and how we can give back! They will also we showing the Africa Yoga Project documentary.
This is a class you don't want to miss! Come and be inspired to new possibilities!!

$30 suggested donation (includes a raffle ticket & the yoga class & a post class gathering)

Vinyasa Power Yoga is a fluid, powerful, style of yoga that links movement and breath together and is based on intuition rather than tradition. Vinyasa Power Yoga heals, detoxifies and exhilarates the body and mind with emphasis on movement, balance, and intention.
This class is the same as the power class with the addition of a fun playlist!
Held in small studio*. Limited to 20 people. Learn how powerful the basics can be in this foundational Baptiste Yoga class.  This slower paced class will focus on basic key aspects of the time-tested Journey into Power asana sequence that has proven to be a popular, effective, and powerful practice for people from all walks of life.  Come and explore this potent practice and build your foundation on a rock! 
*Class is non-heated
This class begins with a dynamic vinyasa power flow to awaken your body and calm your mind.  A Yin practice will follow that will focus on poses held for longer to stretch the connective tissues and promote relaxation into the deepest layers of your body and being. Class will conclude with savasana or meditation.
Anything goes in this all levels yoga class!!!  
Be prepared to HAVE FUN!!!
Play and discover new limits during this intermediate level class. We will explore inversions, arm balances, partner work, as well as more challenging poses. This power vinyasa class will inspire, ignite, and create possibility. Questions, laughter, and fun are not only encouraged but required!
Yoga comes to life in these fun and creative classes designed to stimulate a young child’s growing curiosity. Playful yoga poses, animated breathing exercises and imaginative relaxation techniques, teach 4 through 8 year olds about their budding bodies. Sprinkled with music, crafts, books, and other age-appropriate props, we’ll spark the child’s inner yogini while enhancing mindfulness, motor coordination and fun. Classes are an equal balance between active & passive poses.



*must be an eagle county resident for 3+ months of the year